Exclusive, enchanting and unforgettable!

Today, the marl quarry “La Caverne” is used as a banquet hall and offers guests a unique and magical setting. Illuminated by hundreds of twinkling candles, it guides you through the labyrinth of mysterious corridors, features a traditional fireplace and authentic chandeliers throughout the cave system.

A cave with a history

The rich history of this cave takes us to the French time at the end of the 18th century, when a refuge chapel was established in this cave. In 1797, priests were forced to take an oath of hatred to the kingship. Many priests refused and were therefore persecuted by the revolutionaries. In fear of these developments, secret church services were organised in caves such as the Cavern. In the cave, you can still see paintings that remind you of this secret church. From 1925 onwards, the cave was used for, among other things, theatre performances by carbide light. In addition, during the First World War, Belgian refugees were accommodated there.

100 to 1000 guests

Anno 2021 is de exploitatie van de grotten overgenomen door de Van Melick Groep. Ook u kunt zich onderdompelen in de anonimiteit en geborgenheid van deze groeve. De grotten zijn zeer geschikt voor diverse evenementen en feesten vanaf 100 gasten en heeft een totale capaciteit van 1000 gasten. Denk hierbij aan familie- en bedrijfsfeesten, huwelijken en productpresentaties. “La Caverne” is exclusief af te huren.

If the weather is fine, you can use the outdoor space, which is equipped with festive lighting, fire baskets and a large banner.

Room capacity

Total capacity: Reception/Party evening 1000 persons


Reception 350 persons

Sit-down 180 persons


Reception 250 persons

Sit-down 180 persons


Reception 180 persons

Sit-down 120 persons

Unique experience

When all the sliding walls are opened, we can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The entire system is fitted with various notches and cosy niches. Enjoy, together with your guests, this unique experience and the range of various tasty dishes available at our food stands. A freshly tapped beer is available at the bar. On the basis of ‘self-service’, drinks will be served at various locations, so that your guests will not be short of anything.

“La Caverne” will enchant you and your guests; an unforgettable memory that you will cherish forever.